Grand Opening Stands


Grand Opening Flower Stands

To express your love and encouragement to your loved ones, FlowerAdvisor provides a wide variety of condolences and congratulatory flowers. Floral arrangements are being prepared and delivered by local florists. Support and send condolence flowers or congratulatory arrangements to your loved ones with a personalized card message.

  • Achievement
    Arranged in beautiful blooms of Roses, Eggpom, Gerbera, Achievement is specifically arranged to wish recipients a bountiful success and prosperity. This arrangement is consists of: • Foliage • Eggpom • Sunrise in Red • Gerbera • Rose Dimensions: H:177cm*
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  • Wishes of Success
    A grand opening flowers that’s specially arranged in bright cheery blooms to send joy and congratulate the recipient on their special milestone or achievements. This arrangement consists of: • Gerbera • Foliage • Eucalyptus Leaf • Eustoma • Artificial Flower • Rose • Star Gazer Dimensions: H:177cm* *Inclusive of dried and artificial flowers.
    SGD 182
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  • Sweet Success Sunrise
    Sweet Success is specially arranged in bright and happy colours to celebrate it’s jubilee for prosperity and success. This arrangement is consists of: • Gerbera • Chrysanthemum Pom Pom • Star Gazer • Artificial Flower • Foliage • Sunrise in Red Dimensions: H:182cm* *Inclusive of dried and artificial flowers.
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  • Achiever's Glory
    Beaming with blooms of victory, Achiever’s Glory is beautifully arranged in hues of red flowers. This arrangement is consists of: • Ivy • Artificial Flowers • Foliage • Aranthera Anne Black Orchid • Star Gazer • Rose Dimensions: H:187cm* *Inclusived of dried and artificial flowers
    SGD 226
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  • Radiance Congratulatory Flowers
    Wish your recipient all the best with this radiant opening flower stand! Official Opening Standing arrangement consists of Pink Gerbera (12 stalks), Shocking Pink Gerbera (10 stalks) and Pink Lily (3 stalks), accompanied by Yellow Phoenix, Jungle Bush and Monstera Height: 2m
    SGD 213
    SGD 250
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  • Prosperous Success
    The best way to send your love and support is to send a congratulatory flower stand. This arrangement is consists of: • Sunflower • Rose • Artificial Flowers • Sunrise in Red Dimensions: H:188cm* *Inclusive of dried and artificial flowers.
    SGD 229
    SGD 269
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  • Sweet Achievement
    Arranged in purple and yellow fresh blooms, Sweet Achievement is the perfect congratulatory flower stand that conveys fortune and victory. This arrangement is consists of: • Star Gazer • Artificial Flowers • Foliage • Orchid • Rose Dimensions: H:182cm* *Inclusive of dried and artificial flower
    SGD 281
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  • Joyous Triumph
    Congratulate your friends or business associate with a congratulatory flower stand in bright and vibrant colours to leave an good impression and usher in brimming fortunes. This arrangement is consists of: • Rose • Foliage • Sunrise in Red • Iron Leaf • Anthurium • Aranthera Anne Black Orchid • Artificial Flower • Hydrangea • Ginger Flower Dimensions: H:190cm* *Inclusive of dried and artificial flowers.
    SGD 228
    SGD 285
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