Fathers Day


Father's Day Gifts Singapore

Are you looking to express gratitude to your father on Father’s Day? If yes, you can try our wide range flower bouquest to tell your amazing dad that you love him and appreciate everything he did. Father’s Day flowers are the perfect way of conveying your feelings on this special day. You can even send him a surprise flower delivery or plant delivery if your dad says he can’t accept a gift. 


  • Extraordinary Dad
    1. Rivage Vdue Rouge (75cl) 2. Golden GB Nougat 100g 3. The Belgian coffee 200g & The Belgian Chocolate Hearts 65g 4. Swiss Delice Choco Chocarre 100g 5. K.Harrodson Blueberry & Almond Butter Cookies 180g
    CNY 652
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  • Choco Charms
    "Janice Wong 9pcs Chocolates Gift Box. Comes with flower and packaging. W: 35cm H: 35.5cm"
    CNY 743
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  • Made With The Choicest
    Red Knot Twin Set
    CNY 766
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  • Father's Love
    1. Outback Jack Shiraz 750ml 2. Jules D Choc Thins 100g 3. HH Island MAC 142g 4. Tipson Organic Moringa Tea 1.5G X 25 5. Ferrero Rocher chocolate 300g 6. Nescafe Gold 200g & Strongbow Apple Cider 440ml X 2
    CNY 717
    CNY 815
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  • Irresistible Glamour
    Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir (Burgundy Red) (Height: 210 mm ; Capacity: 700 ccm)
    CNY 831
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  • Red White
    Australian Red & white wine with two Wine Glasses packed nicely in a Box.
    CNY 899
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  • Fudgy Fairytale
    "De Valier Rosso VDT (Veneto) Italian Red Wine 75cl. Vochelle Hazelnuts coverered in Dairy Milk Chocolate in Tin 205g. Golden Bonbon Almond Nougat 130g. Excelcium Chocolates Assortment 200g. Beryl’s 80% Dark Chocolates 34g. Beryl’s white chocolate with strawberry chips 34g. W: 52cm H: 46cm"
    CNY 774
    CNY 968
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  • Undertones Balance
    Shingleback Red Knot Cabernet Sauvignon and Shingleback Red Knot Chardonnay
    CNY 1,027
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  • Warmest Regards
    1. Outback Jack Shiraz 750ml 2. Travailleurs Red Wine (75cl) 3. Heinken 33 CL (3 btl) 4. Nuvitality Almond Kernels 5. The Belgian Chocolate Hearts 65g 6. HH Island MAC 142g 7.Strongbow Apple Cider 440ml X 2 8. Flower Packaging & Balloon
    CNY 1,059
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  • Crimson Toast
    Chateau Ordonnat Bordeaux Red French Wine 75cl. Domaine Sainte Croix 2014 French Red Wine 75cl. Saint Jean Beaulieu 2014 French Red Wine 75cl. Comes with wilow basket, flowers and packaging.
    CNY 1,124
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  • Dom Perignon
    Dom Perignon Vintage (75cl) Champagne
    CNY 1,824
    CNY 2,073
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  • Ultra Single
    Riedel Decanter Ultra Single (Height: 240mm, Capacity: 1,230 ccm)
    CNY 2,170
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  • Dom Perignon Vintage
    Dom Perignon Vintage (75cl) Champagne with Wine Glasses pack in a Box.
    CNY 1,873
    CNY 2,203
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