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Other Gift Ideas

On many occasions, a special gift is a perfect choice. You can find the ideal gift for a birthday, anniversary, or thank you gift with FlowerAdvisor's gift collections, including wine, fragrance and toiletries, cakes, and more.

  • Floral Fantacy
    "This is an artificial flower arrangement (not fresh flowers.) An eternal table flower arrangement that is simple yet captivating."
    CNY 646
    Beli Sekarang
  • Pusheen Balloon
    A Pusheen 10" and 5 stalks of Roses accompanied with 24" round balloon. Actual colour tones of flowers may differ slightly from image.
    CNY 685
    Beli Sekarang
  • China Fantasy
    This is an artificial flower arrangement with a Height: 66cm.
    CNY 564
    CNY 688
    Beli Sekarang
  • Forever  Love
    Heart Shape Box with sweet pink roses, Ferrero Rocher Chocolate, 2 mini bears and seasonal flowers
    CNY 714
    Beli Sekarang
  • Enchanted
    Heart Shape Box with red roses, 1 mini bears and seasonal flowers
    CNY 628
    CNY 714
    Beli Sekarang
  • Hanako Preserved Flowers
    Heart shape flowers with 12 Preserved Roses with Fillers. This Heartshape flowers is suitable for Valentine's and you can also hang it in your house. (Dimension: 23x19x13 cm)
    CNY 603
    CNY 723
    Beli Sekarang
  • Mood Booster (Orchid Scent)
    This arrangement consists of Lumiere Wood Ultrasonic Humidifier 600ml and Diffuser Essential Oil Orchid 30ml
    CNY 615
    CNY 723
    Beli Sekarang
  • Crate Beers
    Carlsberg Beer Can 320ml x 18 cans.
    CNY 622
    CNY 732
    Beli Sekarang
  • Peach
    Gift consists of L'OCCITANE Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 30ml, Shower Gel 75ml & Body Milk 75ml.
    CNY 796
    Beli Sekarang
  • Joyful Flowers
    Everlasting greetings of joy captured in a basket. This is an artificial flower arrangement with height of 44cm.
    CNY 812
    Beli Sekarang
  • Veggie Power
    Fresh Vegetables in a Hand-Bouquet.
    CNY 826
    Beli Sekarang
  • Calvin Klein
    Calvin Klein Free EDT 100ml. Comes with a potted plant.
    CNY 830
    Beli Sekarang
  • Sweet Time
    40 Ferrero Rocher Bouquet
    CNY 868
    Beli Sekarang
  • Sweet Tokyo
    Chloe Miniature Perfume 5ml. Preserved Red Rose (4-5cm) with Pink Baby's Breaths in a Keychain. Pink Furry Heart-Shaped Keychain. Actual colour tones of flowers may differ slightly from image.
    CNY 869
    Beli Sekarang
  • JBL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
    JBL's Clip 2 IPX 7 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof).
    CNY 710
    CNY 888
    Beli Sekarang
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