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Baby Shower Gifts

Getting a perfect gift for a baby or the parents-to-be at a baby shower celebration can be so stressful. That is why FlowerAdvisor is there to help you get very cute and thoughtful gifts and flowers for this exciting occasion. Make the day cheerful and brighter for mommy-to-be by showing you care.


  • Jingle Jungle
    Deluxe Musical Baby Gym, with 3 ways to play – Prop-up pillow giant play mat, Overhead Gym and Sit & Play Mat. It also comes with different removable plush toys for added fun, which can be played with directly by your little ones while helping tactile development. This multipurpose gym can also be converted into a playmat by simply removing the soft arches. Comes with packaging.
    CNY 757
    Beli Sekarang
  • Little Rocky
    Musical Rocker
    CNY 781
    Beli Sekarang
  • Newborn Comfy Nap Gift
    • This Newborn Gift Hamper Consists of Option A: Baby Girl or Option B: Baby Boy Bernice & Martin Summer Ultra-Thin Sleeping Bag • Babymio Organic Baby Pillow Snail • Pukka Organic Pregnancy Tea 20’s • Comes with Floral Arrangement
    CNY 800
    Beli Sekarang
  • Nursery Delights
    Includes : 1. Shears 6 pcs baby gift set, t-shirt, pants, bib, cap, mittens, and socks 2. 5 pcs happy meal set, dinner plate, bowl, cup fork and spoon 3. Milk powder container 4. Bobbly toy 5. Shears wriggles toy 6. Mini bunch of flowers Size : 35cm x 36cm
    CNY 854
    Beli Sekarang
  • Nursery Rhymes
    Consists of: • Slide & Find Nursery Rhymes Book • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Sound Book • Junior Explorers Flashcards • Shears Baby Blanket & Toy Budd
    CNY 874
    Beli Sekarang
  • Fantastic Baby
    Muzzle Happy Piggy Educational Car. 3D Bib: Pink/Grey. Baby Gift Box Set : Shoe, Vest Bodysuit – Pink/Blue/White. SC Antino Milk Powder Container. Comes with Premium Basket with bottom cushion and packaging.
    CNY 894
    Beli Sekarang
  • Munchkin
    Consisting of: • Shears 6pcs Baby Cloth Books • Munchkin 4pk Multi Plates • Munchkin Snack Catcher • Tomy Pooh Trumpet Toy • Goo.n 4pcs S Size Diapers • 6pcs Safety™ Outlet Plugs • 2 in 1 Suction Bottle / Nipple Brush
    CNY 806
    CNY 948
    Beli Sekarang
  • Bonding Time
    Bright Starts Two Can Play Multiuse Pillow Set Comes With A Small Hand Bouquet
    CNY 948
    Beli Sekarang
  • Newborn Jungle Story Gift
    This Newborn Gift Hamper Consists of: • Hape Jungle Press & Slide • Mideer Secret Forest Educational Puzzle • Mideer Dress Me Up Tape Activity Book • Comes with floral arrangement
    CNY 948
    Beli Sekarang
  • Gentle Touch
    This Newborn Gift Hamper Consists of: • Babyganics Shampoo + Body Wash 207ml • Babyganics Moisturizing Daily Lotion 266ml • Shears Pull String Otter Musical Toy • Multi-purpose Storage Bag with Handle • Comes with floral arrangement
    CNY 948
    Beli Sekarang
  • Happy Mom
    Benedictine DOM 375ml. Fomec Double Swallow Bird’s Nest w/ Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar 70ml (2). Feeding Set consist of Bowl & Spoon. Noah Arks Milk Bottle. SC Antino Milk Powder Container. Comes with Premium basket with bottom cushion, flowers and packaging.
    CNY 949
    Beli Sekarang
  • Baby First Bath
    SHEARS Purest 4pcs Gift Set (Blue), SHEARS Bamboo Feeding Set (Blue), KAWA Baby Teether, CARTER’S HONEY Wash Cloths 6pcs, CARTER LIEBE Wash Cloths 6pcs, Flower Handbouquet.
    CNY 968
    Beli Sekarang
  • Welcome Baby Gift
    This Newborn Gift Hamper Consists of: • Buds for Baby Infant Cream 75ml • Buds Baby-Beo Head to Toe Cleanser 60ml • My Mini Library Book Set of 6 • Pigeon Baby Wipes 30’s x 2 packets • Comes with a personalised balloon
    CNY 985
    Beli Sekarang
  • Little Cheer
    Benedictine DOM 375ml. Pureen Baby Normal Bath 150ml. Pureen Baby Powder Pure Cornstarch 125gm. Mealtime Gift Set – plate, bowl, cup, fork & spoon. Baby Gift Set: T-Shirt, Pants, Bib, Shoe (Pink/Grey/Orange). Comes with packaging.
    CNY 1,032
    Beli Sekarang
  • Wanderous Baby
    SC Antino stroller with a two-hand folding system, featuring a front tray with dual cup holder for your little one’s feeding ease, 3 position padded seat – sitting position for a fun stroll, or inclined position for a more comfortable resting position, or flat position for your little one’s sleeping comfort. This stroller also has safety belt and reversible push bar, so you can have fun stolling around with your little one facing you or can set it for you baby to enjoy the scenery.
    CNY 826
    CNY 1,032
    Beli Sekarang
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