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Sunflowers are known for their bright and cheerful yellow petals, and a bouquet of these cheerful blooms is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. The bouquet is typically made up of a grouping of sunflower stems with the blooms facing outward, creating a lush and full arrangement.

  • You're  My Sunflower (Best Offer Product)
    The sunflowers are the symbol of strength, positivity, admiration and loyalty. Give your partner this bouquet and say " You Are My Sunshine; make their day special ! Sending this sweet, sentimental bouquet on any day will make them feel that you are loyal to them. You can also express how they are your strength and admiration. Much love!
    SGD 42
  • Lucky  Charm
    A bouquet Of 3 Sunflower
    SGD 71
    SGD 79
  • Brilliant Glow
    sunflower with purple statis, baby's breath, caspia and 15 cm graduation bear
    SGD 82
  • Three Sunshines
    3 stalks sundlowers with song of india, purple statis and yellow phoenix
    SGD 87
  • Sunny Hill
    Make it a special day! Send this sweet, sentimental bouquet of 5 sunflowers on any day you want to make her feel extra special. Much much love!
    SGD 104
  • Fleur de  Sun
    A bouquet of 6 Sunflowers with filler
    SGD 114
    SGD 129
  • Sunny Galore
    A Bouquet of 10 stems of Sunflower
    SGD 128
    SGD 139
  • Glowing Brightness
    A Bouquet of 7 Stalks of Sunflower mixed with Baby's Breath
    SGD 128
    SGD 146
  • Relaxing Afternoon
    Special Bundle consisting of: • A Bouquet of 3 Sunflowers • The Tea Story - But First Tea Gift Set 4 Tea Tubes X 10 Pyramid Tea Bags (40 Servings) • Tea Flavours: Royal Earl Grey, Golden Breakfast, Rose Blanc, Dragon Fruit Punch
    SGD 119
    SGD 170
  • Shining Tropics
    A summertime happiness pack in a table flower arrangement, this 8 stalks of sunflower will brighten anyone’s day. W: 50cm H: 60cm
    SGD 184

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