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Royalty, salvation, and innocence are symbolised by the beautiful lily. They come in lovely shades of yellow, pink, white and orange that are ideal for your beloved ones to give love and help. On special occasions, select from the wide range of lily bouquets and arrangements available on our website for your beloved ones in Singapore.

  • Wintry Whites
    A pure arrangement of 1 Bloom Lily, 1 Bud Lily, 5 Pink Carnations, 6 White Roses and Baby Breath in a beautiful hand bouquet.
    SGD 83
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  • Surprising Wilderness
    Hand Bouquet of 3 Peach Roses, 3 Red Roses, 2 Bloom Lilies, and Fillers.
    SGD 88
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  • Most Precious
    A Bouquet of 8 Red Roses and 3 Bloom Pink Lilies with Fillers
    SGD 87
    SGD 97
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  • Spring Brightness
    Blossoms Colour of Flowers: Yellow Type of Flowers: Lilies Fillers: Greenies, Baby Breath No. of Flowers: 8 (5 Blossoms, 3 Buds)
    SGD 100
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  • D'Orange et Rose
    Orange Lily, Orange Roses with Pink Carnation in a vase. Note: Vase may vary subject to availability.
    SGD 96
    SGD 107
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  • Always There
    A Bouquet of 8 White Lilies.
    SGD 94
    SGD 110
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  • Message to Your Heart
    A hand bouquet that is made up of white roses, pink roses, pink cymbidium and pink lilies. Perfect gift for your loved ones.
    SGD 115
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  • Faithful
    It feels like being kissed by a thousand stars when you receive this dazzling floral gift. Embrace the feel of serenity with this arrangement of 11-12 pink roses, white lilies and fillers. White lilies and pink roses gives a perfect look when they are wonderfully mixed in a glass vase.
    SGD 103
    SGD 117
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  • Stargaze Light
    Blossoms Colour of Flowers: White Type of Flowers: White Roses, Lilies Fillers: Baby Breath, Greenies
    SGD 117
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  • Crystal  Glamour
    Give your receiver the peace and purity of your heart with this crystal glamour bouquet. Shining and glamorous like a sparkling crystal necklace, this arrangement will create a magnificent view in your receiver's or even at your home. This marvellous bouquet features 8 White Lilies & 10 White Roses along with some fillers in a glass vase.
    SGD 102
    SGD 120
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  • Fallin' All In You
    A flower can't blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. Give love to your man with a blooming bouquet and express how you can't help falling in love with him. This flower arrangement consists of a Vase of 5 Lilies, 8 Roses & 6 Carnations along with some leafy fillers.
    SGD 120
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  • Pink  Blush
    Happiness found in lily bouquet. These are an array of 10 Pink Lilies in all its awesome glory will definitely be a wow piece to beautify the place and to be talked about. These go Ideal for any occasion. Best served as table arrangements. It just lightens and cheers the keepers mood.
    SGD 125
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  • Fruit Palooza
    This hamper consists of: • Dragon Fruit • Orange • Apple • Grapes • Pear Comes with flowers and packaging
    SGD 127
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  • Vanilla Daydream
    3 lily with 12 Red Roses Handbouquet
    SGD 108
    SGD 130
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  • Glassy Purity
    5 Lily with 8 Red Roses Long Wrapping Handbouquet
    SGD 131
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