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Flower Bouquet

Love, care, beauty, elegance, appreciation, and reverence are conveyed by hand bouquet of flowers. There can be nothing better than flower hand bouquet as a present for your loved ones. The spirit and cheerfulness of special occasions are often consistent with flowers. So, check out our heart-warming set of hand bouquets and order them online in Singapore to celebrate any future special occasions!


  • Felicity
    A bouquet of 10 Pink Tulips and Baby's Breath
    MYR 273
    MYR 310
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  • Magnificent Hand Bouquet
    Bouquet consists of 5 stalks Yellow and Orange Gerberas, Orange Carnations Spray, accompanied by Red Hypericum and Song of India.
    MYR 317
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  • Wholesome Bunch
    Bouquet consists of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables may be substituted according to season availability.
    MYR 324
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  • Sweet Memories Hand Bouquet
    Bouquet consists of 7 Shocking Pink Roses, 5 Pink Gerberas and Orange Rose Spray, accompanied by Yellow Phoenix and Eucalyptus.
    MYR 326
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  • Romantic Red
    A Romantic Hand Bouquet with 23 Red Roses, Perfect For The Ones You Love
    MYR 335
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  • Happiness  Forever
    18 stalk of pink carnations
    MYR 336
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  • Voice of Reason
    A Bouquet of 6 Pink Carnation and Fillers
    MYR 342
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  • Dreams Hand Bouquet
    Bouquet consists of Blue Hydrangea, 2 White Roses and 5 Pink Roses, accompanied by Pink Rose Spray and Caspia.
    MYR 348
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  • Bloom of Love
    Bouquet of Roses and Carnations. Please take note actual color tones of flowers may differ slightly from image.
    MYR 363
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  • Blue & White
    A bouquet of White Roses, Blue Hydrangea with Fillers.
    MYR 363
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  • Morning  Star
    Fill your loved ones with abundance of love and prosperity with this amazing morning star bouquet. This charming Hand Bouquet consists of Pink Stargazer Lilies with White Tulips and fillers that might refresh everyone's morning. Bring freshness and comfort in your and your partner's relationship with this stargazer lilies.
    MYR 363
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  • Very Fresh Morning
    Bouquet consists of fresh fruits, accompanied by Baby Breath. Fresh fruits may be substituted according to season availability. Actual colour tones of flowers may differ slightly from image.
    MYR 315
    MYR 371
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  • Like A White Piano
    A bouquet of 18 White Tulips and fillers.
    MYR 379
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  • Charlotte
    A bouquet of 10 Purple Tulips and Baby's breath.
    MYR 388
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  • Lovely Madame
    Tell your 'Lovely Madame' about how warm and cheerful her smile is and how soft her cheeks are. Express all the love you got for her with a bouquet of mixed flowers consisting of pink roses, pink lillies, and fillers. This valentine's day special bouquet expresses youe indefinite love for her.
    MYR 388
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